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Creative Protest Films

The what + the why

Creative Protest Films was launched by Atlanta-born, bred + based designer, editor + deep film fan Khylen Steward in 2015. We are still very much the new kids on the block, but we are here to:

  • Celebrate those who are rarely recognized,
  • explore, engage and enhance diversity +
  • do the Heisman on as many negative ‘-isms’ + ‘-phobias’ as we can through quality filmmaking.

We are interested in civil disobedience as it pertains to the destructive and offensive unwritten laws of the mainstream motion picture industry. This means that we believe that everyone – not just the privileged few – should get some positive screen time. Additionally, we believe that the stereotypes that are so often seen in the mainstream media are improper representations. Therefore, we are not here for them.

We believe that the celebration of diversity and cultural understanding is king and we are interested in rebelling against the norm in the most creative ways possible. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the motion picture must be worth a million. We intend to use our words wisely and beautifully.

As we mentioned, we are all the way brand new. While we only have one short project under our belt, but we are currently in the midst of principal photography for our first feature documentary. We also have several small projects in development and would be glad to add your project – be it a music video, short documentary or something else – to our list.

Thanks for visiting us. We look forward to building with + for you.



Creative Protest Films

the owner + the illest associates

meet the team
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Khylen Steward
Owner + Editor
An ATL-born, bred + based designer who works cameras, edits, designs + animates your motion graphics and never goes a day without singing a Janet Jackson lyric and/or quoting a line (or five) from 'Living Single'.
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French Spencer
Producer + DP
A Grammy-nominated, all-around awesome team lead. French is also serving as our composer + post-production sound supervisor.
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Chad North
Production Sound + Mixing Engineer
A very knowledgeable sound guru who hears everything + gets us all together as far as what we THINK will sound great and what will actually sound great.
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Sid Breedlove
Production Sound + Mixing Engineer, Camera Operator
An attentive + focused student and member of the team, Sid can and will fill in when one of us is out or otherwise unavailable to take care of a task. He also keeps us updated on the new, hot, independent artists + their songs. There are a lot. We can't keep up, but he helps us out.